Mangrove Tour of Primary School Students from Beijing in Beihai

A study group of ten persons including four primary school students and their teachers and parents from Beijing visited Guangxi Mangrove Research Center in the morning of January 27, 2019 to kick off their mangrove tour in Beihai.

The group was welcome by ZHOU Haolang to first have a look at the mini coastal wetland and simulated rainfall for a quick perception of mangroves. Then they were given an introduction to mangroves and coral reefs in the lecture room and learned some knowledge of mangroves and coral reefs through interactive talks.

In the afternoon, accompanied by MO Zhucheng, the group went to see mangroves at Beihai National Wetland Park, where, at the first glance, they were fascinated by those white mangroves along the beach. MO, with patience and in simple words, answered their ceaseless question about mangroves and elucidated the ecological function mangroves in combating tidal surge and roles of mangroves in supporting food webs. Sea animals like jumping mud skippers, running sand crabs, uca crabs, hermit crabs, and dense mud snails on the beach attracted their attention and made them feel having no enough eyes to see. They also witnessed farmers’ gleaning of sand worms and learned how to drive razor clams out of sea bottom by using salt. The group was impressed by the plentiful sea products found on beach and believed that contribution of mangroves should be recognized. The mangrove tour in Beihai has helped the study group, esp. the kids, have their awareness on mangroves raised and also further realized the signification of making ecological progress.

At January 27, 2019, the study group went to Beihai National Wetland Park again for watching bird in the company of SUN Renjie. Taught by SUN, the kids have learned the techniques of birding and bird identification. With telescopes, the kids observed waterfowls by themselves on beach and saw white egrets, green shanks, red shanks, kentish plovers, and etc. Through birding, the kids have learned some basic knowledge of those common waterfowls and perceived the significance of mangroves in providing foods for birds.


(By:MO Zhucheng, SUN Renjie, ZHOU Haolang)


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