Professor Fan Hangqing participated ‘The Forum of China’s Development Strategy of Building an Ocean Power”

On March 28-29, 2019, the 287th China Engineering Science and Technology Forum- the Forum of Development Strategy of Ocean Power, hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and supported by the Zhuhai Municipal Government, was held at the Zhuhai International Conference Center. The theme of this forum is “the development strategy of ocean powers”. Twenty-two academicians and more than 400 delegates attended the forum. The forum is divided into eight sub-sessions: submarine resources, marine equipment, maritime silk road and marine energy, polar marine biological industry, coastal zone ecological protection and restoration, maritime silk road and marine science and technology innovation, the rights and protection of deep sea, strategy and innovation platform of deep sea.

Prof. Fan Hangqing of our center was invited to attend the forum and made an academic report on “Achievements and problems of mangrove protection in China” on “Ecological protection and restoration of China’s coastal zone” in the fifth session under the charge of academician Zhang Si. During the meeting, Prof. Fan Hangqing toured the construction site of Zhuhai Gaolan Port and Zhuhai Pingsha New City Ecological Park. The land of the park was converted from shrimp ponds levied by the government and covers an area of more than 3,100 mu. Mangrove forest and coastal thorn shrub vegetation will be rehabilitated in the park as an ecological barrier of Pingsha new city in the future.

It is reported that this forum closely follows the national strategy consulting project undertaken by the Chinese Academy of engineering, aiming to collect information and questions for the drafting of the “academician proposal”. At the meeting, Prof. Fan Hangqing was invited to participate in part of the work recommended by academician Zhang Si on ecological health of coastal zone.

By:Xin Liao


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